Auditioning for The Baden Street Singers

Everything you need to know to join

The Baden Street Singers are looking for dedicated singers to join our ranks. We hold regular auditions at which we assess your suitability to join our chorus, and in order for you to be successful it is essential that you prepare beforehand.

We will provide you with an excerpt from our current repertoire a week before your audition, and you will be required to memorise this and sing it in a quartet (sheet music is not allowed during the audition). This allows us to assess your ability to sing in a group with other voice parts. Singers of all levels are welcome to audition!

To apply for an audition you can email . We will ask you to provide the chorus joining fee as a deposit - this will be returned to you if you are unsuccessful in your audition.



Q: You guys look pretty young, am I too old to join The Baden Street Singers?
A: Nope! But if you would like to sing with us in Barbershop Harmony Australia (BHA) competitions, there is a registration fee which is slightly cheaper for under-25s. Apart from that, we do not discriminate based on age (or anything else).

Q. What kind of songs do you sing?
A. We will always have a couple of barbershop songs on the go, as well as a whole range of other songs. At the moment we're singing some contemporary choral pieces, some pop and some jazz acapella! Our repertoire is extraordinarily diverse and the songs change with each season. We're like a box of chocolates...

Q: When do you rehearse?
A: Thursdays, 7pm - 9.30pm at the Shenton Park Community Centre in Shenton Park.

Q: Do I have to be able to read music?
A: Reading music definitely helps - but as long as you can learn music one way or another between rehearsals (either through listening to recordings, or getting together with other people to learn the songs together), then reading music is not mandatory! We're not having any "sight-singing" in the audition. It's all stuff that you've had a chance to prepare at home before-hand, so no surprises there!

Q: When can I expect to receive my audition results?
A: Within one to two weeks.